Top 10 Reasons Why Settl. is The Best Coliving Space For Students.

October 8, 2020
Coliving for Students and coliving student housing
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Coliving for students: Are co-living spaces a good option for students? Let’s find out with Settl. coliving spaces in Bangalore. Student life isn’t very simple particularly for ones who are far away from their family and homes. They are not left with much choice, they can either go to a PG or hostel but, many students will agree to the fact that service and facilities provided at PGs or hostels are not very good and don’t stand anywhere onto their expectations.

If not PG or hostel then where can they go? The fastest-growing trend today is coliving(Coliving for Student). It’s much better than staying in PG’s and hostels. But, how to find the right one? Nothing to worry, Settl. coliving offers several benefits, let us go ahead and understand more about this growing trend:

Settl. Coliving, the New Way of Living with Roommates

Do you find it tough to choose a better living option that is convenient and affordable? Not to worry, the given factors can help you understand why Settl. coliving is the right choice for you.

Top 10 Reasons to Consider | Coliving for Students

  1. Settl. coliving is cheaper than staying on campus. There is a lot of research required before you choose to stay on the campus property. It is dependent on the type of neighborhood that you wish to live in. Also, you can select from the low budget or upmarket accommodation. You have access to several amenities that the campus housing doesn’t offer or might charge you higher. The research shows millennials spend around 45 min in their kitchen and lounging space and 9 hours in the bedroom. But, with most of the rentals, you’re paying 60 percent of its cost for the nice living room and kitchen and 40% for the bedroom.
  2. Get value for your money with Settl. coliving. Campus accommodation is claustrophobic and small, and you may also have to share this with other students. Settl. coliving spaces provide bigger spaces, and that also at an affordable price range. They’re generally homelier and comfortable. Besides space, you get complete access to the high-speed internet, housekeeping, TV, repairs, and a dedicated student area without any extra cost. Every occupant contributes to an amount owed, thus, everybody pays less.
  3. Settl. coliving gives you a chance to stay in the middle of all action, rather than cooped up in the dorm room. Also, you do not have to be all-time surrounded by the students or lecturers who you meet daily on campus but live in the community that allows you to take a relaxing break from your campus life. You get a chance to experience living in the community and get the chance of meeting various people & interact with your neighbors.
  4. Our coliving space offers you the taste of freedom and prepares you after campus. It’s a wonderful opportunity of experiencing what Bangalore city is and learning to be more responsible. You will learn to budget yourself and at the same time enjoy the freedom away from your home. Coliving for Students means complete freedom.
  5. Dormitories have many rules, whereas coliving has none. It means you won’t have to answer to anybody and be supervised 24 by 7 and you will have the sense of responsibility & urge of doing the right thing.
  6. One top reason to choose Settl. coliving is their safety and hygiene that is important for students and millennials. Our coliving space is regularly sanitized keeping in mind the current pandemic and fear among students and their parents, we do complete background checks on our occupants, have proper CCTV surveillance & various other facilities on our property.
  7. It allows you to determine whether you want to stay in the area, even when you have finished your studies, particularly if you are moving to a new city or area for studies.
  8. Settl. coliving provides you a chance to meet different types of people and like-minded students like you, with the same interests. This can be the start of lifelong friendships or relationships. You get a chance of connecting with the people you stay with, who don’t study with you. The benefit of this is when you’re home you may truly relax and speak about various things other than the campus.
  9. At Settl. coliving, students can benefit from a wide range of amenities they might not otherwise afford on their own. And these might include fun and activity area, special events organized specially for students, or classes like Zumba and Yoga.
  10. You can party with people who are coliving at Settl. The best coliving for students in Bangalore.

Rekindle Your Sibling Love with Settl.

Final Take

To sum up everything, there isn’t any better place than Settl. coliving for students to learn & grow in their respective careers. Only if, they are confident to maintain the right balance between the newly attained freedom & dedication towards studies. Head on to Settl. coliving spaces to enjoy the new culture and trend in your life. Coliving for Students I hope you like it.

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