Coliving is an ideal WFH solution!

May 14, 2021
Settl. Coliving is an ideal WFH solution
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Today’s generation does not have any setbacks to leave their homes or city and move to the strange and new city for pursuing higher studies and make a lucrative career. However, moving to the new city on your comes with plenty of challenges, the biggest being the affordability of that place.

Work from home is a new buzz word, and there are many people opting for the Work From Home transition particularly the young professionals. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, it has given us a wonderful opportunity to explore new areas of our lives and bring out productivity in the best possible way.

If you are working from home and want to work in a big city, then it is the right time you explore all your options out there. Coliving at Settl. is an amazing solution for work from home enthusiasts and make affordable travel a big reality.

Coliving for the digital nomads.

First, what is the coliving space? Coliving is one kind of intentional living agreement that offers much more than only rooms on rent, but, offers various amenities that will make life very simple. coliving spaces like Settl. are the best places to call it your own home, workplace, and community.

For the freedom-loving worker and travel bug, it is a dream come true. These amazing places allow digital nomads to live & work in some of the unique and remote locations across the city. Every entrepreneur has got their private and semi-private space, and there’s a shared space for the community & collaboration.

Anybody planning to move to the new city will lookout for an affordable place to live, comfortable commute to their college or work, and a few other things that will go all along with it. Looking at this individually requires plenty of research without any guarantee to find an ideal place that fits your budget. Now, no more! coliving spaces are the best solution to such worries. Many ask us why coliving at Settl. is Affordable. And to answer it, let us go through the coliving concept and look at the benefits that it offers.

When you are at our coliving space, then you are around people who would love to

· Share various stories with you

· Get a Netflix account for you

· Look after your mood swings

· Keep that last piece of pizza for you

Settl. Properties have some personalized additions in their coliving lifestyle:

Why Choose Settl.?

During this tough time moving to a new city and finding PG’s or houses for rent will be a big hassle. Or you are looking for a place that is close to your office so that when work from home option ends, you will not have to spend on your traveling expenses. This is where Settl. can help you out. We have designed a particular area for the work from home workers where they can enjoy plenty of amenities after their working hours end.

· Settl. provides a comfortable living atmosphere where settlers can work, eat, play, live, and connect with everyone from a safe and healthy environment.

· We have designed a common area in such a way where tenants can relax, work, and chill. At Settl., we are trying every possible thing where we can provide a seamless working environment for our tenants!

· At Settl., we will not let your morale down, besides designing our interiors with minute details to suit WFH employees, our Live and Work Suites provide generous suite area to move and enjoy.

Alternatively, Settl. coliving will take complete care of your requirements and fulfill your needs and expectations in the best possible way. Settl coliving property combines the ease and conveniences of your office & the comforts of your home with a chance to experience the new place with a group of like-minded people.

At Settl. Properties, people are not scared of staying alone as they are really not alone! Because they have people around them.

Workspace you need

At Settl., we took the right to care about it, by providing a common area and other utilities required, where there is minimum disturbance and helps you organize your workspace.

Ensuring a Relaxed Break Time

We all know how important it is to get some free time in our busy routines. Working all day will become quite monotonous and can saturate you. Keeping spare time aside can help you to get ready for your next day. It’s perfect to set some free time after work. At Settl. you can read, watch movies, connect with your friends and family, and do anything that can help you come out of your work mode & give yourself a little time to chill and relax.

More productivity

When completely avoiding the hassles of traveling and keeping yourself and family safe, surely will help in reducing your worries and stress and improve your productivity. With Settl. coliving, you get a chance to focus on the right things and will not need to stress being stuck in the traffic and crowded trains or metros. This can help you focus better on your work as well as result in better work and life balance.

Wrapping Up

Looking for a break from your tiring workday and watch your favorite movie on TV? Not to worry, it is provided to you by most of our rooms. Settl. coliving allows you to collaborate and connect with others often. You might be working 40 hours a week but the majority of the remote employees might not function for 9 to 5 hours. It means you must do it. Here Settl can help you solve your trouble, and Settl. will be one of your true friends and we mean it.

With high quality and affordable Settl. rooms, we help people to relax and reflect over their activities, without any kind of worry about if they will be able to access Wifi or not, and it is one of the top reasons that living spaces at Settl. have become quite popular. And as your true friend, we want to help you at such a difficult time and offer you better WFH living.

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