What is the Difference Between Coliving, PG & Hostel in Bangalore?

While India is growing higher with its population, the idea of sharing is the new way of living(Coliving). Across the country with the new migrant population, many find their share of living while depending on shared spaces. Such coliving spaces best suit working professionals, students, business travelers, and adventure-seeking enthusiasts. However, here comes some of the major differences among shared spaces in Bangalore. Bangalore being the hub by attracting people all over the country for its economic growth, rise in educational sectors, and many other sectors. This leaves Bangalore with a majority of its people to share one roof among others, outside family and friends circle. In this article, we will help you choose the best kind of place to rest under a roof in Bangalore. Here are some differences and highlights between paying guest accommodation (PG), hostel and coliving spaces in Bangalore. This discussion will help you understand the three different spaces, their benefits, and drawbacks to help you to determine the best pick for you. Let’s find out the differences between Coliving, PG and Hostel. What is Paying Guest Accommodation(PG) in Bangalore? Paying Guest accommodation in Bangalore is a space that provides the ability for one to rent … Continue reading What is the Difference Between Coliving, PG & Hostel in Bangalore?