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Famous Places To Enjoy Street Food In Bangalore

February 14, 2023
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Silicon Valley of India: Bangalore is a hot destination for young talents with relevant information technology degrees and skill sets. Students who want to pursue a promising academic career often choose Bangalore for their higher studies. Like other metropolitan cities – Delhi & Mumbai, Bangalore is one of the booming hubs of corporate sectors. So, both working individuals & students come & settle down in Bangalore to start a promising career or to strengthen their professional abilities. Therefore, Bangalore is a smart city where working migrants settle down in rental accommodations. 

Both students & working professionals do not get sufficient time to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. So, they depend on the variety of street food in Bangalore nearby their living places or workplaces.

The following discussion represents the reputed places where the newcomers in Bangalore can explore the variety of street foods to soothe their hunger every day. 

V V Puram Food Street 

Being a die heart foodie, you can not resist your craving when you pass through V V Puram Food Street in Bangalore. If you are new in silicon valley, you must find V V Puram Food street in the nearby Basavanagudi Old Market Street. The wide array of authentic eateries at V V Puram Food Street always serves the authentic flavors of North & South India. You can avail yourself of everything from Chinese food options, North Indian yummiest chats, and South Indian breakfast thali, including Pav Bhaji, Masala Dosa, Dal Holige, and so much more. If you need the best street food in Bangalore at the most affordable price, you must come to V V Puram Food Street. The range of variety food at V V Puram Food Street helps you to satisfy your taste buds while you feel cravings for homely foods. Not only spicy breakfasts & tiffins but different flavors of sweets, including Rabdi, Jalebi & even Kulfi, are also available at V V Puram Food Street. So, to enjoy your desired desserts, this food street is the best place in Bangalore. Moreover, spicy snacks such as Potato twister, Sweet Corn are also available at V V Puram. To visit the ever-crowded place – V V Puram Food Street you can access the nearby Lalbagh Metro Station.

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

If you have doubts about the mindblowing street food in Bangalore, you must visit Brahmin’s Coffee Bar. Professional individuals, who do not get time to make South Indian foods at their place, enjoy the maximum flavor of the best South Indian delicacies at Brahmin’s Coffee Bar. Though you can avail of the tasty & authentic South Indian delicacies at any sophisticated eateries, at Brahmin’s Cofee Bar, you can experience the unique flavor of Crispy Vadas, Rice Idli & Badam Milk. All the available South Indian dishes come under your budget at Brahmin’s Coffee Bar. If you are new in Bangalore, you should know the nearest landmark of Brahmin’s Coffee Bar, Green Line National College.

Sri Sairam’s Chats and Juice Center

In all the North Indian cities, including Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi & West Bengal, people love Chats & Dahi Bhalle. So, the students & working professionals, who come from North Indian states, often miss their hometown flavors. As the famous center of street food in Bangalore, Sri Sairam’s Chats and Juice Center satisfies your taste buds when you wish to have a variety of Chats & Dahi Puris. Pocket-friendly pricing & warm hospitality make Sri Sairam Chat & Juice Center highly popular among foodies. You can avail yourself of the yummy Dahi Papdi and original homemade chocolate at one of Bangalore’s famous street food centers.


All Indians in different states love Puchka, also known as Gupchup, Golgappa, and Pani-Puri. Puchka is a sphere-shaped crunchy puri served with stuffed spicy potato & tamarind water. In Bangalore, you can also enjoy the authentic taste of Puchka. As a famous street food in Bangalore, the ‘Puchkas’ shop serves a variety of Phuchka to satisfy their customers’ cravings. Regular customers get Chats and Jalebis in Puchkas. If you want to enjoy the Pani-Puri variety, you must come to the puchkas in Marathahalli.

Marathahalli is a place that is well-connected to renowned IT hubs such as Whitefield and Koramangala. So, if you are a professional individual, you can easily access the shop – ‘Puchkas’ to enjoy your hometown Golgappa.

Karnataka Bhel House

If you are a professional migrant and a vegetarian, you must face many boundaries when choosing any eatery in a city. If you are in Bangalore, Karnataka Bhel House is one of the most preferred places to enjoy yummy vegetarian dishes. At Karnataka Bhel House, vegetarians can avail the of street food in Bangalore. So, being a hardcore vegetarian, you can order Sev Puri and Masala Puri in the Chat Stall of Karnataka Bhel House without any concerns about non-vej mixing.

In Basavanagudi, at Uma Theater Road, Karnataka Bhel House is a hot destination for all vegetarian street food lovers.

Chetty’s Corner, Kumara Park

In Kumara Park, people come to enjoy the famous street food in Bangalore. Chetty’s Corner is a famous fast-food center where people enjoy Twisted Potatoes. Along with the best quality ‘Twistatos,’ people also come here to enjoy Masala Soda, Bun Nippat Masala, and so much more. So, if you are in Bangalore, you can enjoy the evenings of your holiday with mouthwatering snacks available in Chetty’s Corner. Kempegowda Metro Station is the nearest location to Chetty’s Corner.

Mosque Road In Frazer Town

Frazer Town is the best location for you if you have settled in Bangalore and are looking for the best destination to enjoy non-veg delicacies. At Mosque Road, in Frazer Town, you will get a chain of food stalls & restaurants where you can enjoy authentic non-veg items such as Seekh Kebabs, Haleem & Pathar Gosht. So, if you are in Bangalore and want to celebrate, Ramzan Mosque road can be your preferred destination for non-veg street food in Bangalore.

Besides these places, you will get lip-smacking non-veg street food in Bangalore at Shivaji Nagar, which can be accessed through Namma Metro. 


The discussed points represent the famous places where the relocated students & IT professionals can enjoy a variety of snacks and tiffin. The availability of all types of mouthwatering street foods in Bangalore ensures they can enjoy their favorite foods in Bangalore, like their hometown. Therefore, they can relish both veg and non-veg cravings in Bangalore.

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