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Which Would Be A Better Option: Staying In A Hostel, Pg Or Coliving?

February 16, 2023
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Finally ready to live on your own? Congratulations! It is one of the major milestones and a headstart to adulting. Moving out of your house and shifting to a completely new city might be really overwhelming. Get ready to sign up for a crazy rollercoaster ride of dealing with arrogant landlords, tasteless food, managing all sorts of rents, arguments with neighbours on loud music, moody maids and a lot of restrictions from who can enter your room to what you can eat at your place. 

When deciding for an accommodation you might have come across a lot of living options like PG, Hostels and coliving. We understand that it is really confusing to come to a decision without knowing what each one of the options have to offer. So to make your work easy we have come up to discuss the things which differentiate all three. 


When it comes to affordability, a hostel or pg is the first thing which comes across one’s mind. But when examined closely the services provided by them are no way close to the price you pay. The constant need for maintenance and arrogant behaviour of landlords or hostel wardens even after paying your share of money seems unbearable. On the other hand coliving might seem expensive but the services provided as compared to a normal pg or hostel totally justifies the cost. Moreover when compared the price and facilities, the facilities provided by coliving outweigh the cost of rent. 

Facilities you get

PG or HostelCo-Live
Crappy wi-fi connection Speedy wi-fi connection
Tasteless foodFlexibility to opt for good hygienic food made by professional chefs or cooking on your own in fully furnished common kitchen without shopping for new utensils.
Lack of flexible stay optionsFlexible stay options available.
A normal PG (cost around 15,000 for a single room) Co-live (cost around 22,000 for a single room) 
Limited only to a roomAccess to all the common spaces while having a private space 
Separate bills for electricity, wi-fi, lift, etc.Electricity, wi-fi services are inclusive in the rent 
No access to a communityAccess to a community of like-minded people and various community building 
Unprofessional cleaningProfessional cleaning staff


The most useless advantage of a hostel or pg is that they provide food. As the food is made in bulk for a large number of people it loses its taste and the quality is compromised. Most of the people living in hostels and pg therefore end up eating unhealthy food and spending money outside. It not only has an opposite effect on your health but also on your pocket. When it comes to coliving the food is prepared by professional cooks and all the quality standards are maintained. In a coliving space, you also get access to a fully furnished kitchen with access to common utensils so that you can cook hassle free whenever you want to. If you are a gym freak then you will be able to prepare all the shakes and additional pre-workout meals your trainer asked for ;). 

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Why food and kitchen in coliving? 


When shifting to a new city, security is one of the most important concerns among people. In the name of security some pgs and hostels just impose some senseless time limits and tedious checking in and out processes. In coliving, especially in Settl no such time restrictions are enforced. You are not answerable to anyone for your check in and out time. The access cards are provided to check-in. These access cards also prevent unauthorised people from entering the space. Coliving spaces exist as safe and secure places with a like-minded and genuine community. 


Name a thing and it is already not allowed in your regular pg or hostel. Friends coming over? Not allowed. Opposite gender? Not allowed. Privacy? Not granted. Non- vegetarian food? Not allowed. But in the coliving spaces, the restrictions imposed are close to zero. You are free to host your friends of the opposite gender. The food choices are not questioned by anyone. You don’t need to be answerable if you come late at night.


When you live in a pg no additional services are provided. Most of the time you are on your own when it comes to laundry and housekeeping. Even if the housekeeping is provided it is hardly remarkable. In a co-live the professional housekeeping is provided. You don’t need to worry about returning to an uncleaned room. From your room to common places hygiene is not compromised. You are also provided with high speed wi-fi which is an essential thing at a time when hybrid models of working are the new trend. 

What about Netflix every weekend? In every room at Settl we have a smart TV which can be recharged according to your convenience or you can stream netflix till 4pm oops 😉 4am. 

  • Washing machines for laundry ✅ 
  • Smart TV ✅ 
  • Professional Housekeeping ✅ 
  • Inclusive electricity and wi-fi ✅ 
  • Furnished Kitchen ✅ 


The people who surround you play an important role in defining who you are. A good community can take you places. Coliving provides you with an opportunity of networking with like-minded people. A lot of entrepreneurs choose coliving spaces for hassle free living so living at a place with so many brilliant minds around definitely has a good impact on one’s own mindset. In Settl a lot of fun events are also organised on a weekly basis where you get to know the fun side of your fellow residents and bond with them on a more personal level. 

Personal Space 

It’s all good to be a people’s person the whole day but an introspection with your own self is also necessary at some moment in a day. You might expect some personal space in a pg but it is close to impossible if you are living in a hostel. In coliving a perfect balance is maintained. You have access to common places to meet different people but at the same time you also have a personal space which only belongs to you.

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