How Are Co-Living Spaces More Suitable as Compared to PGs and Hostels?

May 16, 2022
Co-living Space

As a student or an employee, you might often have to change cities and move out of the comfort of your homes. This new life is overwhelming and exciting at the same time and you might have apprehensions about hows life gonna be outside your hometown. Lodging is a significant part of this process and let’s be honest as you are going out of your home, there might be a lot of downsides to this, like going away from your loved ones and missing out on homecooked food, but there’s one upside that every Indian kid dreams of and that is FREEDOM! Freedom to travel anywhere, anytime according to your convenience and live your own life without any restrictions. Moving to a place that respects your freedom becomes an important point here. You have to stick to a certain lifestyle while living in a PG or hostel. Moreover, you have to return before the gate closes and cannot bring in friends to stay with you for a couple of days, and you may be under the constant watch of a supervisor or worse, a khadoos landlord.

However, Settl Co-living spaces give you that freedom to live an independent life other than providing you with all world-class amenities and a welcoming community. Living in a clean, ventilated interior allows you to focus on your work and be more productive, as you do not need to manage your household work yourself.

Coming to a place to stay, everyone wants a room that is well-furnished and has well-decorated interiors, the environment around you should be friendly and radiate optimistic vibes. Apart from this, you would not want to manage all the household work yourself sometime you’d need a helping hand. A person that can help you with maintaining and cleaning your room, washing your clothes and looking after any issue that needs fixing. Community co-living spaces offer the perfect solution to this. Settl. provides a dedicated HK so that you can focus on things that matter the most to you.

How PG/Hostel Life Imposes Restrictions?

PGs are usually a single room of a flat which you take on rent from the owner. The rent may include food, and sometimes, you need to arrange for food yourself. You get only the bare minimum with a bed, cupboard, and an attached washroom. On top of that, you have to live a restricted life in a PG or a hostel. There may be some restrictions on timing and on guests coming over, bounding you by a set of rules which might be demotivating.

How Community Living Offers Better Amenities?

Community co-living spaces make you feel as if you are living in your home. It is a new concept of living in which you share the common areas of living such as the lobby, garden facilities, and games room with other tenants. You can make friends with your neighbours and build a relationship of trust and faith with them. It can make your stay more enjoyable and pleasurable. The community mostly consists of like-minded young professionals having the same thought processes and opinions. You get to meet new people and engage in interactive and fun activities

over a cup of coffee. You can play games together in your free time and spend quality time together. You get all the modern facilities one can ask for. You get to enjoy a quality social life with your neighbours taking part in community events. The community is made up of vibrant, friendly and welcoming people. You might miss your home but you’ll never feel alone.

Community co-living is a suitable option if you are looking to relocate. It offers a comfortable and peaceful stay according to your budget with furnished interiors and contemporary facilities.

Facilities Offered by Community Co-Living Spaces

  • Large Rooms with Convenient facilities – Settl Co-living spaces offer large-sized rooms with modern facilities. The rooms have clean interiors with beds and an attached kitchen, washroom, and rooms with proper ventilation and ample sunlight coming in. They are regularly maintained and cleaned by our trained housekeeping staff. You can come home to a refreshing room after your day’s hard work. You can easily afford these luxurious rooms as they have economical rates. You do not have to sign an agreement for staying in these rooms.
  • Ample Facilities – You get a lot of facilities that are included in your rent. You have access to 24/7 power backup and can access high-speed internet connectivity in your rooms. This way, you can work from home without facing any internet issues. You have all time access to the washing machine for washing your clothes whenever you require. You can also access facilities such as the gym, games room, yoga and sports facilities. You are well protected in your apartment with our technology-based security systems.
  • No restrictions – There are no restrictions imposed when you are living in community co-living spaces. You can do things according to your own time and return home whenever you want. Also, no one is restricted from visiting you. However, it does not compromise your safety. Biometric access to your rooms and security guards ensure maximum safety.
  • Community – You would not feel alone in a new city when you come to live in community co-living spaces. You can make friends among your neighbours and engage in events created by the community members. A community provides safety and security. You can exchange ideas and share your thoughts with your neighbours after returning from work.

If you are looking for the best community co-living spaces, you can look for the accommodations provided by Settl. You can enjoy full freedom while having access to all amenities at economical prices. You would not feel lonely as they provide you with ample opportunities for interaction with the other community members.

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