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Take A Look At the Best Tatoo Studio In Bengaluru

January 23, 2023
Tattoo Shops in Bangalore
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Are you new to Bangalore? And do you have a great passion for tattoos? If you are looking for renowned Tattoo Artists in Bangalore, you can visit any famous tattoo parlor in the city. In Bangalore, you will get a large number of hipster cafes. But remember, only some tattoo shops can meet your preferred requirements. As bad tea can make your mood worse, any amateur can not define what shape & design can make attractive your biceps, necks, and calves. 

So, to help you find the best tattoo shops in Bangalore, you must go through the best Tatoo Studio In Bengaluru list. 

If you are a working migrant, the list of top tattoo artists in Bangalore will help you book your session with the expert tattoo artists in Bangalore.

Now, look at the lists of tattoo shops in Bangalore, where the expertise of renowned tattoo artists will make your day turn your biceps, necks & calves into attractive ones.

1. Kraayonz Tattoo Studio, Koramangala

Kraayonz Tattoo Studio – a decent tattoo parlor in Bangalore founded by Sameer Patange, who is highly popular for his illustrious tattoo designs. For 19 years, Karaayonz Tatoo Studio has become the heaven of tattoo lovers. The decade-long expertise in the evolving tattoo industry makes this studio one of the best choices for tattoo lovers. In Kraayonz Tattoo Studio at Koramangala, you will find many expert tattoo artists in Bangalore who can entertain their customers’ specific choices with constant dedication & effort. Due to having a team of professional & expert tattoo artists, Kraayonz tattoo studio has become a brand a tattoo parlor in Bangalore.

2. Dark Arts, Koramangala

The popularity of Dark Arts as a hot destination for tattoo lovers in Bangalore, at Koramangala, lies in their peaceful ambiance & customer-friendly services. The group of talented tattoo artists at Dark Arts can quickly reflect any design of blackwork, tribal & Celtic tattoos on your biceps, chest, neck, and calves. If you are interested in meaningful ink art, which can bring a look like Timothee Chalamet to your body, then Dark Arts are the best choice to fulfill your tattoo passions. In this renowned tattoo parlor, you always find a talented pool of tattoo artists who can turn your biceps into the reflections of jaw-dropping tattoo designs.

3. Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio, Ashok Nagar

This is one of the best tattoo shops in Bangalore. The location of Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio is very charming amidst tall green trees. The professional tattoo artist – Veer Hegde in Eternal Expression studio can make your tattooing experience unique with his jaw-dropping skills. In simple words, the illustrations & finishing of contemporary tattoo designs by the expert tattoo designers in Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio can enchant you. Veer Hegde is not only a godfather of modern & tribal tattoo art but also the founder of Eternal Expression Tattoo studio.

4. Brahma Tattoo Studio, Ashok Nagar

The USP of Brahma Tattoo Studio in Bangalore is its customer-friendly behavior. The entire group of expert tattoo artists in Brahma Tattoo Studio always give their best efforts so you can feel comfortable communicating appropriately. So, if you are taking a step into a famous tattoo shop in Bangalore for the first time, then the whole team of Brahma Tattoo Studio does not leave any chance to win your heart with their gentle behavior. And the warmth of hospitality makes you ready to endure the pain of tattooing.

5. Skin Deep Tattoo Studio, Indiranagar

This is a prominent tattoo hub in Bangalore where you can meet expert tattoo designers who ensure to engrave any requested design on your biceps, neck, and calves. Though you will find, the package of tattoos in Skin Deep Tattoo Studio is quite expensive. Still, in their wonderful ambiance, the expert tattoo artists in Bangalore’s calm attitude makes you feel easy with the pinching pain of tattooing. If you are getting inked for the first time, Skin Deep Tattoo Studio at Indiranagar should be your one-stop destination to enjoy the tattooing experience.

6. Pumpkin Patch, Kalyan Nagar

If you are looking for the best ambiance to pacify your passion for new tattoo designs, Pumpkin Patch is the perfect place for you. The founder and expert tattoo artist Mykel Kumar has an extraordinary talent for engraving any characters of graphic novels or animated movies on your body as a tattoo design. The group of tattoo artists is highly understanding of Pumpkin Patch. Mykel Kumar is a reputed tattoo artist in Bangalore whose expertise in black & grey shedding will make you spellbound. As a real tattoo artist, Mykel Kumar is very gentle with his customers. He tries to figure out his customers’ preferences first by sitting with them. Then he applies his versatile techniques so you can leave the tattoo studio with a perfectly finished favorite tattoo design on your body.

7. Inkadelik Tattoos, Koramangala

This tattoo parlor has a dedicated team of tattoo artists in Bangalore. This tattoo parlor is one of the best choices for hyper-realistic artworks. The incredible expertise of tattoo designers in Inkadelik Tattoos makes you spellbound when they complete any artwork on your neck, biceps & calves. The outstanding finishing of your favorite designs on your body makes people confused about whether it is printed or hand-drawn.

8. Verve Tattoo Studio, Sai Plaza

You must be aware of the significance of the tattoo artists’ experience in Bangalore. Verve Tattoo Studio is where you can maintain your desired tattoo designs, as the team is familiar with trending tattoo designs. Sometimes, your tattoo artist recommends an exclusive design to turn your body into an expressive one. 


In the entire discussion, you come to know about the Best Tatoo Studio In Bengaluru, where not only can you replicate a trending tattoo design, which you have seen on Pinterest or movies, but also the team of these prominent tattoo shops in Bangalore advises you to take care your skin after tattooing.

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