Tips for finding the Rented House in Bangalore

June 15, 2022
House in Bangalore

Finding a rented house can be exhausting and daunting, especially in Bangalore. Getting a rented property must be taken into careful consideration because you aren’t only looking for a roof over your head and a place that makes you feel at home.

If you have recently shifted to Bangalore and are looking for a 2 BHK in HSR Layout, this write-up is crucial for you as here we’ve shared a guide to getting the best-rented property in HSR Layout.

A Guide to Find the Rented House in Bangalore

You need to consider some points before you finalize the house. So, here are some tips that can help you avoid many problems while searching for a decent space to live in.

Inspect the flat – This is one of the most critical factors you need to consider before shifting to a new apartment. You need to inspect some prime factors, including interior, amenities, transportation, appliances, balcony, staircase, bathroom & washroom size, ventilation, water leakages, etc. You need to be fully satisfied with the property before renting it. Here are some essential points to consider: –

Explore the area – Once you are satisfied with the flat or room, it’s time to explore the nearby places. Check for the local markets, salons, restaurants, parks, and other commercial places because you never want to travel long to buy little things. So, explore the area calmly before shifting to the place for the next couple of months or years. 

Society Facility & Guideline – It’s great to have a flat in a gated society. It may come with some additional amenities & facilities, such as a swimming pool, sauna, park, gym, power backup, etc. These societies often have tenant associations that ensure a safe & stress-free living experience. Get yourself aware of the guidelines of living in such societies to avoid inconvenience.

Rental agreement – The rental document is a mutual legal contract between a landlord and tenant that provides you the right to occupy the premises for a specific time. However, before signing the document and handing in your identity proof, you must read your contract. Check for any discrepancies or clauses you disagree with because it will ultimately save you from potential problems.

Some other Key Points to Consider

If you are looking for the 2 BHK for rent in the HSR Layout, consider some of these points before moving in.

  • Electricity in Bangalore is a significant problem, so check if you get a power backup option.
  • Check if the room has proper ventilation and a source of natural light as it helps prevent you from suffocation.
  • Talk over the extra charges above the rent if there’s any in maintenance, water, electricity, security, parking, and note them all or put it over the mail.
  • Water disposal is critical in a city like Bangalore, so ask for the provision.
  • Ensure that there is a good strength of mobile signals within your rooms. Also, you can make a call to confirm the clarity.
  • Discuss the move-out terms, such as the notice period, security deposit, and others you want to ask.
  • Have a look at any sewage issue in the vicinity and inspect the flat or apartment to ensure it.
  • It’s good if there is the availability of a borewell, tanker, and Cauvery for water. You can ask the neighbors for these facilities as water is becoming a severe issue in Bangalore.
  • Ask whether you can bring guests over to the room for a stay and if visitors are also allowed to the room.
  • Availability of public transportation from your flat to the workplace is essential.
  • Lastly, list out all the damages you have seen during the inspection and share them with the owner.

Furnished or Unfurnished Room – Which One Is Best?

A furnished room has almost everything, from chairs, sofa, dining table, and modular kitchen to television and geyser, making living easy.

On the other hand, the unfurnished property is not equipped with any of these, but you have the freedom to customize your space according to you.

Still confused? Let’s have a quick look over the advantages of furnished & unfurnished rooms.

There is no need to purchase any essential furniture that saves your money & time.You have complete freedom to customize your room with the type of furniture you want to add. 
You can quickly shift from one place to another without carrying the furniture.Another advantage of an unfurnished room is that you get the room at a low price.
There is no need to stress about the furniture quality.Unfurnished rooms are best for long-term leases, as you know the hassle that comes while shifting.

The choice between furnished vs. unfurnished entirely depends on your personal choice. However, the best thing is that you can get all the essential furniture with 2 BHK for rent in HSR Layout at Settl.

The Takeaways

While searching for the right room matching your vibes, the most important thing is to stay calm and positive. Just follow the tips & tricks that we’ve shared with you.

You can start your search online on Settl, where you can find the best room according to your needs. If you want 2 BHK in HSR Layout or any other room type, Settl is the best place to reach out to. Here, you can find the best fully-furnished living space that fits your needs & wants.

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