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Waterfalls To Visit Near Bangalore

March 18, 2023
Waterfalls To Visit Near Bangalore!
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Are you bored of going to the same cafes and restaurants every weekend? Well you are lucky to be living in Bangalore as this city is no short of weekend getaways residing in lush greenery with breathtaking sceneries. What could be a better addition to a beautiful scenery other than a mesmerising waterfall? So here we are to let you know about some of the most beautiful waterfalls near Bangalore which you can visit to get an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life.  

Thottikallu Falls

Don’t want to make a long trip to visit a waterfall? So Thottikallu falls are for you. It is just 32 kms away from Bangalore. As it is close to the city it is usually crowded on Sunday. If you are planning to make a  visit here don’t forget to check hiking and trekking nearby. The view near the falls is the one to die for so plan your visit early in the day so that you don’t miss out on the beautiful views this place has to offer. If you are someone who loves bike rides then you can surely get your bike here due to the close proximity to the city. 

Jog Falls

You must be kidding if you haven’t heard the name of Jog Falls before. It is the highest waterfall of the country residing among the thick forests and valleys in the state of Karnataka. The water falling from the height of 800 feet is enough to transport you to another world. You can also try some water sports here and go sightseeing. If it is a long weekend you can visit the nearby attractions like Honnemaradu, Tunga Anicut Dam and the Lion-Tiger Reserve. 

Kaigal Falls 

Remember that Bahubali scene where the protagonist places the Shivling under the waterfall? Well it was iconic. You will get to see a similar view here except someone carrying the linga on his shoulder. There is a Shivling near Kaigal falls which fills the whole surrounding with the spiritual vibes. Kaigal Falls, located in Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, is naturally divided into three parts and has the same flow of water throughout the year. It is an absolute delight to visit this place during monsoons while nature is rejuvenating itself.

Abbey Falls 

If you are in Coorg you can’t miss out on Abbey falls. Though it is located inside a private property, it is open for visitors. You will come across the aroma of coffee while heading towards it as Abbey is surrounded by coffee plantations. The sound of water flowing and the tranquil view is definitely going to stop you from thinking for some time and immerse yourself in the beauty of this place. If you are planning to visit this place, don’t forget to visit other attractions in the area such as Madikeri fort. 

Chunchi Falls

Chunchi falls got its unique name from a tribal couple Chuncha and Chunchi. It’s a beautiful waterfall located 90 kms away from Bangalore. The route to these waterfalls is filled with greenery so it’s ideal to go by your own vehicle or rent a car. As the water falls into the river below it creates an amazing sight. You can also get your fishing poles along for fishing at Galibore fishing camp. You can also visit Sangama – the meeting point of three rivers. 

Muthyala Maduvu Falls

If you are planning to visit this waterfall, don’t forget to carry your binoculars along as you might get a sight of various birds around. It is a beautiful fall located in the hills. It’s a great place for trekking and hiking. The journey is rewarding with beautiful landscapes and the fresh air. There is also a serene Shiva temple near the falls which makes this place more tranquil and divine. It is located mere 40 kms away from the main city. So don’t forget to add this place in your list of weekend getaways.

Iruppu Falls

Iruppu falls seem like directly falling from heaven. It is covered by a thick forest around. If you are interested in wildlife you can also visit the Nagarhole National Park which is located nearby. This place is close to Rameshwara temple, so often many pilgrims also visit these falls. It is an absolute delight to visit this place during the monsoon season. During the monsoons the falls seem more magnificent surrounded by green lush forest.

Mekedatu Falls

Mekaedatu means goat’s leap. It is known that once a goat leaped over the falls to save herself from a tiger so these falls came to be known as Mekedatu. It is a splendid waterfall over the Kaveri river. The Chunchi and Mekedatu falls are close to each other so you can plan your trip accordingly to cover them both. This area with its hills and beautiful landscape is an ideal space for the hikers and trekkers. 

Hogenakkal Falls

When translated, Hogenakkal means smoky rocks. When watched from a distance the water falling from the falls on the rocks gives an illusion of smoke coming out of the rocks so here the falls got its name. It is a bit far from Bangalore but trust us the whole journey is worth it with splendid views and lush green forests. These falls are made up of more than a dozen falls providing a beautiful view. You can take coracle rides or let yourself walk amidst greenery and soak the nature within you.

Shivanasamudra Falls

Shivanasamudra falls located near Mysore, originated from the Kaveri. These falls consist of two different falls, Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. You can enjoy the beautiful landscape between two falls. There are a lot of interesting places to visit nearby which include the sandy river beach at Talakadu and  some old Hosyala temples spread all over the region. 

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