Top 10 Reasons Why Settl. is The Best Coliving Space For Students.

October 8, 2020
Coliving for Students and coliving student housing

coliving for students: Are co-living spaces a good option for students? Let’s find out with Settl. coliving spaces in Bangalore. Student life isn’t very simple particularly for ones who are far away from their family and homes. They are not left with much choice, they can either go to a PG or hostel but, many students will agree to the fact that service and facilities provided at PGs…

Coliving Bangalore

Top 5 Benefits of Coliving You Should Know

October 6, 2020
Benefits of Coliving

Coliving is different for different people. For a lot of professionals, here are the 5 Top Benefits of Coliving. it’s a chance to grow their personal network and engage in the team-building process in a completely new environment. For a few, coliving takes on a personal tone. It will be a chance of reinstating perfect balance to your busy work schedule, and a moment to discover new relations…

Bangalore Coliving

Settl. Coliving, the New Way of Living with Roommates

October 3, 2020
Coliving the New Way of Living with Roommates

Settl. Coliving, the New Way of Living with Roommates. Are you afraid of finding that one roommate out of 12 million people in Bangalore city? Are you afraid of living with a stranger? Or are you already having nightmares of sharing your roof with strangers who might just make your day-to-day life miserable? Do you think city living is expensive? With rent prices sky-high in urban centers? Leave…

Coliving Bangalore

Why Coliving is Affordable? – Why Settl. Coliving is Affordable

September 29, 2020
Why Coliving is Affordable Settl Coliving

Why Coliving is Affordable? Let’s Find out. The millennial generation is not much afraid when it comes to leaving their comfortable homes and shifting to a strange and new city for higher studies or for a lucrative career. However, moving to a city like Bangalore on your own comes with plenty of challenges, the biggest being affordability of that place. Whenever somebody plans to move to a new…

Coliving Bangalore

Rekindle Your Sibling Love with Settl.

September 28, 2020
Rekindle Your Sibling Love with Settl

Having a tuff time to balance between professional & social life? Does the chaos take you away from the smallest joys of life? Do you feel like you’re missing out on the fun you once had when you were a kid? Or have you lost the feeling of being at home? Take no more time, doubting on such questions, when Settl. is here to settle these questions. It’s…

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Serviced Apartments & Coliving Apartments in Bangalore

September 27, 2020
Serviced Apartments and Coliving Apartments in Bangalore

Let’s find out the benefits and disadvantages of Serviced Apartments & Coliving Apartments in Bangalore. In a world with so much jargon, with wordplay scenes jostled all around, we just don’t want you to be fallen according to the whims and fancies of large groups. With so much news, that is partially true, and promise-breaking advertisements layered all across the town might only leave you disturbed and confused.…


What is the Difference Between Coliving, PG & Hostel in Bangalore?

September 24, 2020
Difference Between Coliving PG and Hostel

While India is growing higher with its population, the idea of sharing is the new way of living(Coliving). Across the country with the new migrant population, many find their share of living while depending on shared spaces. Such coliving spaces best suit working professionals, students, business travelers, and adventure-seeking enthusiasts. However, here comes some of the major differences among shared spaces in Bangalore. Bangalore being the hub by…