Comparison between Semi-furnished and Settl. fully-furnished properties.

May 31, 2021

Your decision to choose between the semi-furnished apartment and fully-furnished apartments will be mainly driven by your budget. But, what might look like a most expensive selection a fully-furnished apartment might actually help you to save better. Let us check out how a semi-furnished will be different from the fully-furnished apartments and the impact it can have on your budget. For many people moving out of their parent’s…


Coliving space is for introverts too.

May 24, 2021

Coliving space and introverts appear to be interchangeable terms. But, do you know it really works! If you are an introvert, sharing your room with other people would be a tough task. If you are of a reflective nature, then lack of personal space and social pressure will be difficult to handle. But, at Settl. coliving space, we can help you out. Coliving space can have a different impact…


Urban Loneliness

May 5, 2021

What exactly is Urban Loneliness? As said, it’s better later than never; finally people around the world are coming up with the sensitive issue of mental health. People have finally understood the effects that their mental health can inflict upon them and shape their lives. They have finally got to know how their emotional, social and cultural quotients play a pivotal role in the overall functioning of the…


Difference Between Coliving and Traditional Rentals

April 18, 2021

Today, the demand for Coliving is increasing rapidly in our country. The reason is many people and students have moved from their native place to search for rental spaces. Coliving is one best idea that has recently emerged. It makes it simple and achievable for the students to come out of their houses and get budget-friendly and comfortable accommodation at the new place. If you are planning to…


5 Life-lessons You Get to Learn While Living With Roommates

February 22, 2021

Many a time the real self is revealed when you live along with others. More importantly, you get to know yourself better when you associate with a definite kind of person. Living with roommates can be a bittersweet experience. While some may live their best lives others might just go through a terrible nightmare of their lives. Though it takes the right people to mingle with you, you…


Why Coliving For Couples is on the Rise?

January 28, 2021

Coliving for couples is ideal in Bangalore looking for the serviced units, flexible accommodation, and a community of like-minded people. In a city just like Bangalore, where there are huge opportunities and millennials are moving in every day, Settl. coliving is a highly preferred choice for couples especially because of the facilities and convenience provided. Contrary to the popular belief, entering in the relationship does not mean that…


How staying in Coliving spaces can increase your productivity?

January 27, 2021

Coliving? Why? How will it help to increase my productivity? Have you been multitasking and juggling all the household chores by yourself? Are your household chores overpowering your professional life? Wait no further and get your fully-furnished space with Settl. and leave the trivial jobs of household chores to us. We take care of everything whether it’s cleaning, or providing quality food, or even fixing electrical appliances. At…


Top 7 Reasons Why Coliving is Affordable in Bangalore

January 13, 2021

The millennial generation is not much afraid when it comes to leaving their comfortable homes and shifting to a strange and new city for higher studies or for a lucrative career. However, moving to a city like Bangalore on your own comes with plenty of challenges, the biggest being affordability of that place. Whenever somebody plans to move to a new city search for an affordable place for…