Settl. is a managed technology-driven accommodation platform focused on delivering convenient and high-quality living experience to urban millennials

Settl. began its operations in June 2020 amid global pandemic COVID- 19 with a view to cater to the needs of Indian millennials who wish to have a decent lifestyle away from their homes. Bangalore being the hub of young and aspiring individuals who move places and look for comfortable, affordable living spaces was the first city of operation for the company. 

Settl. has come up with the best coliving spaces in Bangalore. We bring safe, comfortable, and fully furnished accommodations for people who have no time to worry over basic household requirements. We take the daily hassle out of your life and help people to save their valuable time for things that they love and are passionate about. Not only that, but we also have an all-inclusive caring community wherein we have curated events for our members to bond over coffee, movie and game nights, etc.

India is a young and aspiring nation where millennials do not want to compromise on their quality of lifestyle, and there are about 3.7 cr people who migrate to the city every year in search of new jobs and/or relocation, etc. and most of them are bullied by the local landlord where the deposit is generally high and a lot of restrictions as to what to do, Coliving solves this problem and eliminates the hassle, Most of the current co-living operator in the market is trying to fix the broken PG space by creating an asset class. Settl.’s aim is committed to build a brand that resonates with the product and provides our members a safe, comfortable, and provide  “wow” experience. We use design to thoughtfully design clutter-free private and shared spaces, along with the common area where our members can collaborate with co-settlers in an all-inclusive community. and on the other hand, we help the asset owner to increase the rental yield 4X when considering to the traditional rental yield of 2-4%

According to the article published by ET News, The co-living market in India is expected to offer a business opportunity of Rs one trillion by 2023 along with the capacity of 5.7 million beds from the previous levels of Rs 458 billion and 3.6 million beds in 2018.

All the coliving players give a lot of emphasis on the common area design / social lounges to make them attractive to the customer and thereby compromising the quality of the private spaces, At Settl. we understand that a customer spends 80% of their time in their private space rather than common spaces, and we have emphasized quality and design principle in both private and common space to ensure that the members have an overall comfortable living experience with us and in terms of the product we provide a fully furnished accommodation, which is fully managed by us, the prospective member just has to move-in with their baggage and start staying peacefully from the moment they move-in which hardly takes less than 30 mins.

We have all stocked kitchen to help them cook, housekeeping services to ensure they don’t worry about rooms/flats being messy, 24×7 laundry services, a tech-led security system, thoughtfully designed common areas filled with games, cozy nooks, and a like-minded community which helps the member to mingle with other members in the community and establish a connection at the same time eliminating the boredom especially for the people who are new to the city.

Technology is one of the core fundamentals on which we operate, We strive to bring technological innovation to make our members stay comfortable; We use IoT based smart meters to track the consumption of the electricity usage of individual rooms, use smart plugs and switches to automate the common area electrical systems and schedulings system, We use tech to scale our operational efficiency by building and tracking issue management, feedback systems, Housekeeping quality monitoring and so on.