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Basic Kannada Words To Make Your Life Easier In Bangalore

March 14, 2023
Basic Kannada words bangalore

If you are reading this article we are already assuming that you are moving to Bangalore for your new job or higher education. Shifting to a place away from home that too a place with a language you don’t understand can create a little nervousness. But don’t worry, we are here for your rescue to learn some commonly used words in Kannada so that you don’t struggle while communicating with locals and making new friends in the city. 

Eevu Inglish MathanadutthidaDo you speak english
Yen Guru Yen SamacharHey bro, what’s up?
HogallaNot going
BaruthiI know
Kannada Baralla/GottilaI don’t know Kannada
Naanu meter rate koodthineI will pay by the meter.
Ninna hesarenu?What is your name?
Nanna hesaru ___My name is ___
Hegiddera?How are you?
ChannagidiniI am fine
Shubha DinagavaliHave a good day!
YeshtuHow much?

1. Eevu Inglish Mathanadutthida

This is the phrase you will be using the most in the first few weeks after shifting to Bangalore. Eevu Inglish Mathanadutthida translates to do you speak English?

So the local shopkeeper or auto wale bhaiya, now you know what to say instead of having that awkward stare when you are not able to tell what you need from them.  

2. Yen Guru Yen Samachar

Want to flex your newly learnt Kannada skills in front of your Kannadiga friends?

Greet them with Yen Guru Yen Samachar the next time you come across them. This phrase translates to Hey bro, what’s up? This is a bit of an informal phrase so avoid using it with your colleagues unless you are friends with them. 

3. Namaskara 

Namaskara not only sounds similar to Namaskar in Hindi but it also means the same. It means hello. So greeting your friends or the househelp or literally anyone you now know what the word is. So say Namaskara to Bangalore!

4. Hogalla 

Can’t go clubbing because of pending work or just want to escape boring office meetings, the word you need to say is Hogalla. In Kannada it translates to not going. Now you also know what it means when auto wale bhaiya says Hogalla. 

Going to gym at 5am? Hogalla.

5. Jaasti

Loved that filter coffee or Sambhar and want more? The word you need to use is Jaasti. This word translates to more. It is one of the words which will come handy a lot while staying in Bangalore. Want the extra serving of that dish you liked in a restaurant or need extra apples from a grocery store, you know what you need to say from now on. 

6. Baruthi

Have a friend or some colleague in your office who doesn’t miss any chance to mansplain? Just say Baruthi with confidence and a bit loud. This word translates to I know. You can also say this to your pg owner when he asks do you know what time it is? when you enter late at night. After this Just pack your bags and shift to Settl, because we never ask such questions ;).

7. Kodu 

Suppose you are at a grocery store and the shopkeeper is busy with other customers and you need to buy rice. In this case point to rice and say kodu. This word translates to give. So whenever you want that last slice of pizza or basic facilities from your pg owner say Kodu.

8. Kannada Baralla/Gottila 

There can be scenarios where someone you met on the bus or college just won’t shut up while you are not understanding a single word. In this case you need to say Kannada Baralla. This word translates to I don’t know Kannada and hush! You are at relief now.

9. Yelli

Imagine it’s the first day of your office and your phone battery drained. Now without google maps it’s hard to get the directions. So suppose your office is in wework. So go to any local and say yelli wework. This word translates to where. So can’t find the facilities your pg owner promised, say Yelli facilities ;).

10. Naanu meter rate koodthine 

Many times you will come across some auto wale bhaiyas who will say skyrocketing prices for 2.5 kms. So all you need to say is Naanu meter rate koodthine. This phrase translates to I will pay by the meter.

11. Illa

It is hard to say no sometimes so just say Illa and move on. Illa translates to no. Don’t want to eat rice again? Say Illa.

12. Kelsa

When that irritating co-worker doesn’t stop chatting and wasting your time, at that moment point to your laptop screen and say Kelsa. This word translates to work. After hearing Kelsa that person will understand and will not disturb you for some time. 

13. Ninna hesarenu? 

There is nothing in the name, but when you remember someone’s name it helps to bond better. So when you meet someone for the first time say Ninna hesarenu? This phrase translates to what is your name?

14. Nanna hesaru 

Now it is your turn to introduce yourself to your Kannada mates so say Nanna hesaru ______. This phrase translates to My name is _____. Now you can see the smile on the face of your mates when they know that you are trying to embrace their language. And believe us they will surely help you learn the language.

15. Hegiddera?

As the introduction is done so why don’t ask them how are you? Say Hegiddera? To ask them how they are. It’s good to be generous :). Security guard or co-workers Hegiddera is a good word to build connections.

16. Channagidini

You must be wondering, what to say when someone says Hegiddera to you instead of cluelessly staring at their face. Put a smile on your face and say Channagidini. This word translates to I am fine.

17. Shubha Dinagavali

Is it time to finally go home after a long day? No matter how much you dislike your co-workers, saying Shubha Dinagavali will do no harm. This phrase translates to Have a good day!

18. Yeshtu

Not sure about the quantity of rice in a packet. Say Yeshtu. This word translates to how much. You can also use this phrase when you want to bargain from the grocer while buying fruits and vegetables.

Here’s the list of some of the commonly used Kannada words. We hope it will help you settle into the new city effortlessly. 

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