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Safest Places To Live in Bangalore

November 30, 2022
Safest Places To Live in Bangalore

What Are The Safest Places To Settle Down In Silicon Valley In India

From every state in India, students & professionals come to the Indian’ Silicon Valley’ – Bangalore to flourish in their careers. Because in Bangalore, booming IT hubs & business parks offer incredible professional opportunities to the nation. So, people prefer to move to ‘Silicon Valley to turn their dreams into reality based on their specific skill sets. Even they become ready to face any difficulties to settle in Bangalore only to access the golden aspirations for a successful career. 

Now, look at the possible challenges which become vital concerns for the relocated people in Bangalore. While students & professional individuals keep their steps in this city, at first, they become busy finding safe and quiet residential areas in Bengaluru. Because, to be focussed on their professional goals, they need to settle down in such a convenient location, where they can get all facilities of urban lifestyle & flawless connectivity with their workplaces. Secondly, they need clarification about whether they should rent an apartment or settle down in a pg. In this matter, the relocated professionals consider the issue of affordability to choose the most suitable accommodation in a well-connected location. And definitely, working professionals often face the dilemma of finding affordable accommodations in prime locations and the vicinity of corporate industries & IT hubs. Then they need to find out the convenient accommodations for coliving in Bangalore.

While going through this discussion, you will learn about the best areas in Bangalore where you must look for coliving options. So, based on the following points, let’s find safe and quiet residential areas in Bengaluru. After being familiar with the top 10 posh areas in Bangalore, newcomers can find suitable accommodation in the best locations of Bangalore. 

  1. Electronic City

Electronic city is a specific location in Bangalore, where the booming electronic industries & corporate sectors always offer incredible career opportunities to youngsters as per their skill sets. As this location is saturated with electronic hubs across 800 acres, there is no doubt about the golden scopes of employment in this area. The latest plans of industrial developments hint that soon electronic city will be turned into a ‘living lab’, which will serve high-end developmental services to the nation as per global standards. Alongside the booming industries & corporate hubs, the electronic city is becoming a safe and quiet residential area in Bengaluru with a wide array of urban services & facilities.

  1. Sarjapur

Sarjapur is more than a mere township; it is considered one of the ideal places to settle down in Bangalore. The terms of connectivity make Sarjapur a top choice as one of the most convenient locations in Bangalore for professionals. All prime locations in Bangalore, such as Koramangala, Marathahalli, Outer Ring Road, and Whitefield, are well-connected to Sarjapur. So, if the relocated professionals choose Sarjapur to settle down in Bangalore, they will enjoy the urban facility-rich vicinity in Silicon Valley. And the booming real-estate industries around Sarjapur scope to the relocated individuals to find the best coliving spaces in Bangalore.

  1. HSR Layout

As a prime area in the Southern-east part of Bangalore, HSR Layout is surrounded by renowned IT parks & corporate sectors. It is the gateway to the safest residential sectors and has top-notch facilities for urban lifestyles. Therefore, if relocated people want to opt for luxury coliving in Bangalore to enjoy a stress-free convenient lifestyle within budget, they should consider HSR Layout an ideal location.

  1. Whitefield

Whitefield is a junction-centric location in Bangalore, where the residents get the finest opportunities to be well-connected with another smart city Hyderabad through the highways. The booming IT enterprises make this location one of the first choices for newcomers to settle down in Silicon Valley.

  1. Koramangala

Suppose the newly relocated professionals consider the safe & convenient location in Bangalore to stay for an extended period. In that case, Koramangala offers mesmerizing urban ambience, including multiplexes, cafes, restaurants, and shopping malls. Moreover, as a booming commercial hub, Koramangala offers affordable but luxury co-living accommodations in Silicon Valley. The entire vicinity of Koramangala is well-connected with Electronic city, which ensures this area’s affordable range of urban services. 

  1. Indiranagar

Being encircled by pubs, restaurants, and malls, Indiranagar is where relocated people can easily access all the facilities of intelligent cities. So, the people, who stay in this location, feel lucky enough to enjoy their weekends with friends and co-workers in the gorgeous recreational platforms. In simple words, Indiranagar is one of the safest residential areas, where relocated professionals prefer to find the best coliving options in Bangalore.

  1. Marathahalli

Marathahalli is one of the best areas in Bangalore, where relocated people easily find their convenient living options. This place is safe enough to opt for affordable coliving options to maintain a smooth lifestyle beyond the work stress in the corporate sector. The residents of Marathahalli can easily enjoy superb connectivity with the other prime locations in Bangalore, where they can meet their professional objectives.

  1. Manyata Tech Park

Manyata Tech Park is such a convenient location in Bangalore, where the evolving culture of coliving & coworking introduce safe & balanced urban lifestyles. Though this area is a little away from the other prime locations, the budget-friendly transport of this place scopes the residents to reach the vicinity locations without any hassles.

  1. Hosur Road

Affordable residential infrastructures & cafes, banks, hospitals, and schools encircle this location. So, if the newcomers in Bangalore want to settle down in a convenient location, allowing them to reach their working places smoothly, then Hosur Road is one of the best places in Bangalore for coliving.

  1. Lalbag Road

The surrounding location of Lalbagh road is a pleasant option to opt for suitable coliving accommodations. This area flourished with coliving culture-driven rental properties and urban amenities. Besides, Lal Bagh botanical garden is a significant attraction in this area. So, the local administration arranges the utmost safety for the residents here to prevent any unwanted disturbance to retain the charm & serenity of this area.


While the relocated people face challenges in finding the best areas in Bangalore, they can go through the details of these locations. All the discussed points help them to access a stress-free, convenient urban lifestyle as they can focus on their professional objectives.

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