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How To Find Flats With No Brokerage In Gachibowli

April 25, 2023
How To Find Flats With No Brokerage In Gachibowli
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Finding a flat in a completely new city without a broker might sound difficult, but believe us it is not impossible. No one wants to shed a hefty amount of money to get a broker for finding accommodation. So here we have curated a list of some ways to help you find a flat for yourself without paying the brokerage. 

You must be wondering why we are doing this. Well, we are home to hundreds of young people and our motto is to make city living effortless for both Settlrs and non-Settlrs equally. 

1. Ask your local friends and colleagues

Locals always know it better. So don’t be hesitant to ask the local friends or colleagues who have been living in Hyderabad for some time now. They might help you to get some good leads. Your colleagues must have been at your place at some time so they might be able to guide you better. Moreover, they will be able to guide you about good localities and areas where you should hunt for your new home. Their knowledge can also keep you safe from scammers.  Who knows in this process of house hunting you might end up building a good bond with them or maybe get one of your colleagues as your new flatmate.  

2. Just Google it 

Whenever in doubt ‘Just Google It!!’. There are a lot of websites like and where a lot of property owners list their properties, that too without a broker. So you can scroll through some of these websites to find your desired apartment in your desired locality without moving from your couch. You can talk to the owner of the property you liked on the phone and schedule a visit whenever you are free. But, be careful as a lot of properties posted are a scam here. So don’t forget to awaken your inner Sherlock Holmes and investigate the credibility of the property and owner, before moving in. Don’t hesitate to ask people already living there to know the ground reality of the place on your visit. Whenever you visit any property, always check the distance to nearby bus stops, markets, hospitals, etc.

3. Join Telegram and Facebook groups

Yess! We agree that no one in this generation uses Facebook any more, but when it comes to house hunting you might want to turn back to Facebook. Facebook has a lot of groups city-wise which connect property owners and tenants for a good deal. These groups daily post hundreds of properties to select from. While hunting for a new flat, you might also get your new flatmates here. Now coming to Telegram, we are sure you are already acquainted with this platform. Telegram is not only useful when it comes to downloading pirated movies and series, but it can also help you in house hunting. Similar to Facebook, Telegram also has a number of groups and channels where you can directly connect with the property owners listing their properties. 

4. Put your social media at work

Social media is something with a huge power in this era. And we are well aware that you must be there on Instagram and Linkedin at least. So all you need to do is harness the power of your social media account by posting a post or story about your requirements and leads will start coming in. Promise!

Remember during the covid times, how a single post and a single story would help someone to get important medicines and leads for oxygen cylinders, so definitely can’t ignore the power social media possesses. You can also try posting a tweet on Twitter and get some leads from the property owners themselves.

5. You might think about coliving

So if you are tired from searching for flats and apartments and are worried about managing all the bills, cleaning and all the mundane stuff, then you can always go for coliving. Coliving is the new way of living among youngsters. You can search Settl and Google will direct you to our properties nearby you. We at Settl take care of everything from cleaning to electricity to high-speed internet. All you need to do is just move in. Our housekeeping staff makes sure that your room is clean and the bed is made when you come back home. If you are working from home then our high-speed Wi-Fi is there to rescue you. And the best part is you not only get a roof over your head but a whole community of like-minded and equally motivated people to connect with. To break the ice between all the residents we keep hosting various fun events like house parties, jamming sessions, etc. on weekends.

So, we have tried our best in the above article to help you find flats in Gachibowli without paying brokerage. We wish you happy house hunting and effortless city life.

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