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Famous Food In Hyderabadi Cuisines

January 11, 2023
Food in Hyderabad
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While you discuss the flavors of different states, all vote for the ‘Hyderabadi biryani’ as an iconic dish of this Telangana capital. There is no doubt about the popularity of dum Biryani in Hyderabad. But, if you plan to settle down in Hyderabad, leaving your hometown, you must know about other delicious food options in this brilliant city. The residents in Hyderabad have plenty of opportunities to taste the authentic & traditional foods in Hyderabad in the well-reputed cuisines.

Hyderabad is a mega city where you always enjoy the fusion flavors of different delicacies, which have the richness of vegetables, meats, rice, traditional spices, fruits, and so much more. Moreover, adding tomato & tamarind brings mouthwatering flavors to most Hyderabadi dishes.

Now, the following points mention the bunch of iconic foods in Hyderabad:

Hyderabadi Biryani

As an iconic delicacy and a famous platter, everyone loves to eat Hyderabadi dum Biryani to celebrate any special day or satisfy non-veg cravings. Dum Biryani is one of the affordable non-veg street food in Hyderabad also. It would help if you thought about what is unique in Hyderabadi Biryani. The reply lies in its unique combination of seasoned spices & soft well-cooked chicken pieces.

You can also enjoy the unique flavor of Qabooli Biryani, a pure veg version of the famous Hyderabadi Biryani. This recipe is also considered the renowned food in Hyderabad veg. The biryani lover can be surprised with the outstanding taste of Qabooli Biryani if they order this special platter from the best food places in Hyderabad.

Hyderabadi Khichdi

If you are looking for something delicious & healthy platter, which can be consumed daily is Hyderabadi Khichdi. Some believe that khichdi is quite bland in taste. But, Hyderabadi khichdi proves that khichdi can be far better, similar to Biryani. You will find Hyderabadi khichdi more special with a spoonful of ghee.


If you want to make a list of Hyderabadi street food, then with Lukmi, your list can be completed. The flour-made & square-shaped Lukmi are filled with shredded meat. The deep-fried pieces of Lukmi can be more delicious with a pinch of chutney. Some people think Hyderabadi street food Lukmi is the prettiest version of samosas. So, you can enjoy the innovative version of samosa – Lukmi, in any restaurant in Hyderabad.


If you want to taste one of the unique & spicy non-veg delicacies in Hyderabad, then Marag is the best option. It is such a great style of Mutton stew, which is enjoyed as an appetizer. And the locals in Hyderabad love to enjoy this non-veg platter in traditional functions such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthday ceremonies.

Osmania Biscuits

One of the top iconic food in Hyderabad is Osmania biscuits. Osmania biscuits are unique-style buttery cookies that come in 13 different flavors. The residents in Hyderabad love to enjoy Irani Chai with Osmania biscuits. People, who do not prefer the combination of salty & sweet tastes in food, also love Osmania biscuits due to their exceptional flavor. The soft, buttery mix of Osmania biscuits is highly famous in all parts of Hyderabad. 

Irani Chai

If you are not a resident of Hyderabad, you must be surprised to hear that Chai in Hyderabad can be so special. But, in Irani Chai, you will find the specialty of creamy, unique flavor, making your day memorable. The Persian influence makes this chai so amazing that with a single sip, you can forget all stress & feel so refreshed.

Malai Paya

At wedding parties, one of the yummiest non-veg platters is Malai Paya. The thickened gravy & richness of pure cream in Malay Paya mesmerizes the guest’s taste buds. Among authentic non-veg platters, Malay Paya is the best one. The seasoned spices, goat trotters & rich cream make this non-veg dish highly aromatic. If you taste the Malay Paya once at hotel Nayaab, Ghansi Bazaar, you will visit multiple times to taste this platter again.

Malai Korma

If you are looking for a superb Hyderabadi delicacy to satisfy your midnight craving, then you can opt for Malai Korma. The cream’s and seasoned tomato’s richness with spices adds a unique flavor to the combination of veggies, eggs, and meats. In Hyderabadi cuisines, you can customize the flavor of malai korma by ordering the veg version or non-veg version specifically.

Boti Kebab

The soft mutton or lamb pieces in boti kebab make you crazy to satisfy your non-veg cravings. As the meat pieces are minced with yogurt, you will find a unique taste in boti kebab. At any Hyderabadi stall, you will discover Boti Kebab with the addition of green chilies, which enhance the flavor of this classic non-veg version.


With seasoned stews, the best platter of Hyderabad is complete. The sky-scraping popularity of Haleem proves that Nizams left their authentic food culture in Hyderabadi delicacies. Haleem is highly popular both in restaurants and houses. While you taste the Haleem, you will be thankful to the Nizams as they taught you how to combine the healthier lentils and meat.

Qubani Ka Meetha

One of the famous street food in Hyderabad is Qubani Ka Meetha. The rich flavor of dried Apricots & Almonds makes Qubani Ka Meetha a signature dessert along with creamy malai topping. The lip-smacking taste of this dessert makes you feel delighted while you enjoy Qubani Ka Meetha after the main course.

Mirchi Ka Salan

The residents need help to enjoy Hyderabadi Biryani with the popular side dish Mirchi Ka Salan. The richness of chili in the gravy help to bring an explosion in your taste buds. Mirchi Ka Salan is as iconic as Hyderabadi Dum Biryani.

Burani Raita

Burani Raita is prepared, followed by the recipes of Nawab. So, the rich flavor of the combination of yogurt, garlic & Indian spices makes Burani Raita a unique side dish with Pulaos & Biryani. Burani Raita is a most-demanding side dish with kebabs, vegetable curries & rice in any authentic cuisine in Hyderabad.


The entire discussion will contain information about spicy Hyderabadi side dishes with the main course. So, all this information will help you in the best way to find fantastic food in Hyderabad to enjoy the weekends.

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