5 Life-lessons You Get to Learn While Living With Roommates

February 22, 2021
5 Life lessons You Get to Learn While Living With Roommates
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Many a time the real self is revealed when you live along with others. More importantly, you get to know yourself better when you associate with a definite kind of person. Living with roommates can be a bittersweet experience. While some may live their best lives others might just go through a terrible nightmare of their lives. Though it takes the right people to mingle with you, you might just grow up to be a better person with instances that teach you when you follow some of the simple steps out of humility during your stay at Settl. for a better stay experience and a fun-filled life.


A major key aspect to live with someone apart from family members takes the quality of adjusting.
Sometimes not everything might go our way, depending on the character of the other
(roommate). When you live and interact with people coming from different walks of life, you
come across various differences as well as similarities, which will teach you to learn to adjust
and be accommodating of others. Many a time, you will have to compromise on certain issues or
at least take into consideration other aspects and ways of doing things. So getting along with
people of different backgrounds will teach you to be a better adapting and an adjusting person.


A sense of developing patience is always developed when you live with more than two or three
people. With the world evolving at a fast pace all under the tip of our fingers, today’s Gen Z finds it
hard to compromise to valid things. Therefore living with a group of friendly strangers will teach
you patience, will help you sacrifice and adjust with mutual understanding. Be it waiting for your
turn to take a shower, or trying to get things arranged, you develop a sense of patience as each
day goes by.

Managing Money

While you are still living on a budget it is important to live your needs and expenses according to
your financial boundaries. Living with roommates will teach you to prioritize your expenses, and
you will exercise your free will in the right arena effectively.


To live peacefully, communicating effectively is very important, and this is what you will learn
while living with your roommates. You will learn to put forth your point while taking into
account the other person’s opinion too. You will learn to sort out problems through discussion
and negotiation. You will understand how you need to speak to convince someone and how to
maintain a cordial relationship. This is definitely one of the best and most useful things living
with roommates teaches.

Different perceptions of cleanliness

The term cleaning holds an objective outcome in its own way. Some practice it differently and
some might just follow by theory. There will be someone who loves an organized mess, someone
who needs to clean immediately, someone who needs things to be kept a certain way only, and
someone who probably doesn’t care. When all these people live under one roof, it is only then
you see how everyone’s idea and way of organizing and cleaning is so different. Although it is
an integral part of maintaining a house, every roommate will have their own way of doing it.
While you will notice this, you will also learn how to be okay with things not being done your

Importance of me-time

This subheading is a breather to our readers. Though you might be piled up with multiple
responsibilities, a little time by yourself definitely helps you rejuvenate and is good for a change.
Maybe the time you get is very limited and you may not need it much, but when you do not get a
moment of peace with yourself, you begin to miss it. Therefore living with others will help you
to live a set-apart life. This adaptation will help you understand the priorities of who you should
hang out with, and what kind of parties you must indulge in.


Of course, living with roommates teaches you sharing and caring. At times s you might feel that it
ain’t your responsibility, but you taking the effort to understand others will help yourself change
into a better person. Roommates are like living with siblings, but this time, you have the option of
choosing them. Right from the house, the expenses, to food and other materialistic things, to
even memories, stories, and experiences, living with roommates means sharing. Whether
willingly or unwillingly, there will be at least some aspect of sharing in every roommate

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