How to Manage Professional Life While Working From Home in Coliving?

May 5, 2022
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Due to the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, the lockdown was imposed, and millions of professionals worldwide were asked to work from home. Well, it was just a change that was welcomed by many people.

However, the past few months have made most of us realize the challenges involved in successfully working from home, especially for those who stay in coliving spaces. It has gained huge popularity among young professionals because of the low investment and high-on-convenience living arrangements.

So, with that in mind, today, we will share with you how to navigate your life in coliving while WFH.

Coliving Trends for Remote Workers

The sky-high rents in some major cities and sluggish wage growth have made it difficult for working professionals to live alone. This option can’t be an optimal choice for young professionals who want to live alone, explore the world, want to have fun, and hang out with friends.

The re-emergence of coliving plays a vital role in the reformation of urban living. After all, it may not be for everyone as a long-path choice. It certainly offers an effective & vibrant solution to the growing sense of isolation, loneliness, and displacement that people have started to feel.

5 Ways to Navigate Life in Coliving While Working from Home

Here we are presenting to you some of how you can easily manage your professional life while living in coliving.

  • Be kind – Regular phone calls, meetings, and video calls have left us completely exhausted. Many people work in isolation, with their only interaction being with their roommate. While on a strict & busy schedule, it can be challenging to maintain the room.

This is a high time that you need to be kind to others and yourself to maintain a healthy environment.

  • Be mindful of the space – The work from home concept seemed exciting and fun initially, where you can work on your bed with your pyjamas, but the excitement quickly faded away. Whilst you love to listen to the song on repeat, it may be disturbing to others and negatively affect your flatmates. It is essential to be mindful of the space when co-living or co-working.

It’s good to ask the roommate if you want to crank up the music. You can also politely ask them to use earphones or headphones if you are getting disturbed.

  • Draw Boundaries – This is true that you get accompanied by many video conferences while working from home. By considering this make sure to allocate a closed room for such calls. You can discuss with your roommate to designate a place where you can quickly join those video conferences peacefully without stressing about barging in.

This is also a great way of creating a personal space that everyone wants at least once a day.

  • Create a Routine – The craving for normalcy will be more if you cannot go to the workplace or college for months. You must create a routine and stick to it rather than waiting & thinking about life before the lockdown. It’s good to take time every day and wake up, shower, dress up for work or study, have a quick breakfast, and then start the day. However, if possible, make sure to walk around your best co living space every day to make your mind fresh.
  • Communicate – No one has ever imagined or experienced this prolonged lockdown. So, it’s natural to be frustrated & irritated as you can’t go to the places you want to. You need to communicate with your roommate to understand each other better. You can express your thoughts and even ask for the support of your roommate if you want.

Mindful communication is essential to help you feel light if you are heavy from the inside. You can share what is going on inside you, which is an excellent way by which you express your ideas, views & thoughts that makes you feel more energetic and brings positive vibes.

Coliving Spaces – Best to Ward off the Loneliness

Don’t ever let yourself feel lonely or isolated because it makes you feel depressed and stressed. However, it can be warded off by living in the best coliving spaces. These accommodations encourage people to live together like a family, generally 2-3 members.

The concept of co living space is simple that encompasses the common room, kitchen, utility area, lobby, and other activity areas, besides fully furnished sharing rooms.

The concept boosts the energy of working professionals by eliminating the feeling of boredom, depression & tension.

The Takeaways

Living away from the closed ones for a long time is not easy as you may struggle with the challenges. Not only can it change your personal life but also your professional.

You need to also live in the co living spaces that offer quality services like fully-furnished, power backup, regular cleaning, high-speed internet, laundry, tech-enabled security, and more.

Look for Settl. that has all the facilities that make the coliving an ideal solution.

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