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10 things that are new at the Bangalore Airport

August 16, 2023

A brief summary of some recent upgrades and additions that may have been made to Bangalore’s Kempegowda International Airport (BLR) after our last knowledge update in September 2021. Remember that after that date, these specifics may have altered.

1. Terminal Expansion and Renovation :

Bangalore Airport is well-known for its ongoing efforts to rebuild and expand its terminals in order to handle the rising number of travellers. Additional gates, lounges, and amenities geared towards passengers are possible new features.

2. Contactless Technology :

Airports all over the world are utilising more contactless technologies to increase passenger safety and productivity. It’s possible that the Bangalore Airport implemented touchless check-in kiosks, contactless security checks, and smartphone navigation apps.

3. Biometric Boarding : 

For boarding procedures, many airports are implementing biometric technology. It’s possible that the Bangalore Airport has installed biometric boarding gates that let travellers board using fingerprint or facial recognition technology.

4. Enhanced Shopping and Dining Options :

To give travellers a variety of experiences, airports frequently upgrade their retail and dining options. The Bangalore Airport might have opened up new domestic and foreign retailers, high-end stores, and restaurants serving both local and international cuisine.

5. Smart Parking Solutions : 

The airport may have implemented smart parking solutions, such as real-time availability tracking, online reservations, and automated payment systems, to streamline the parking experience for visitors.

6. Airport lounges : 

The Bangalore Airport’s airport lounges should have been enlarged or improved, providing more comfort and amenities for expensive travellers. These lounges might provide spaces for unwinding, desks, showers, and fine food selections.

7. Environmental Initiatives :

The airport may have put in place a number of ecologically friendly efforts, such as energy-efficient lighting, waste management plans, and eco-friendly infrastructure, in keeping with the global trend of sustainable practices.

8. Entertainment and Relaxation Zones : 

Airports are putting a greater emphasis on the comfort of its visitors, creating entertainment and relaxation areas. It’s possible that the Bangalore Airport has added new chillout areas, meditation spaces, and entertainment hubs with virtual reality experiences or interactive installations.

9. Art Installations and Cultural Exhibits :

Modern airports frequently feature local art installations and cultural exhibits to give travellers a distinct sense of location. The rich cultural heritage of India and Karnataka could have been celebrated through art installations, exhibitions, and performances at the Bangalore Airport.

10. Enhanced Passenger Services : 

Better Wi-Fi access, mobile charging stations, and digital information kiosks with real-time flight updates and airport navigation may have been purchased by the airport as better passenger services.

Please be aware that these changes are based on aviation industry trends as of September 2021. We suggest visiting the official airport website or recent news sources for the most precise and recent information regarding new features at the Bangalore Airport.

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