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Settl. Coliving, the New Way of Living with Roommates

October 3, 2020
Coliving the New Way of Living with Roommates

Settl. Coliving, the New Way of Living with Roommates. Are you afraid of finding that one roommate out of 12 million people in Bangalore city? Are you afraid of living with a stranger? Or are you already having nightmares of sharing your roof with strangers who might just make your day-to-day life miserable? Do you think city living is expensive? With rent prices sky-high in urban centers? Leave it all to Settl. and read more on how you can find the best and the most compatible roommates that can help you share your responsibilities and your pricing settlements when you stay at Settl. 

Finding a roommate that gets along with you is a very difficult task. Especially if you are living in a new city. Finding the right person as your roommate can be difficult than finding an apartment in Bangalore. At Settl. we will help you find the best roommates, where you can enjoy your coliving experience. 

Back in the day, finding a roommate was just a difficult task. It only made one strenuous and tired if they had to find a roommate through all the ways of the traditional approach. Before the land of the internet ever emerged, finding a roommate happened via tangible ads, magazines, newspapers add sections, and through other force and fields of print medium. A little after this age, when internet was slowly building its fame, Facebook, E-mail searches was more prominent in search for apartments and roommates. All of this is a lot of work! And it still doesn’t guarantee that you’ll end up with an ideal pairing.

The Coliving Approach

Thanks to Settl. finding an ideal roomie has just made easier. With Settl. you can have roommates that can make your expenses affordable, seamless, and stress-free to find beautiful shared living spaces in the most exciting cities. 

Coliving is just designed to make city living more comfortably with ease. To top it up, with an understanding and an easy to gel roommate can make your experience even better. Finding a roommate is made easier with Settl. as you can live and experience your journey with like-minded people. Including a specific group of people, such as entrepreneurs or artists, who share a common passion or experience in the world. And if the spaces are open to all types of colivers, they attract those who share similar values, regardless of their cultural, professional or lifestyle differences.

To get started, all you have to do is go online, find the right space at, and request to stay. Our platform makes it easy to compare spaces and our filters help you find the best match as roomies for what you’re looking for. This process will help you filter the kind of people you want to share your space and your roof. But whatever may be the case, you might have the best roommates at Settl. without having to worry about your privacy being destroyed any less! 

Settl. Makes Roommate Search Easy

 Since we have had a better study on why you can choose to live with coliving spaces like Settl, now read more to be a compatible roommate. Here you will know how much of benefits you will gain when you live at Settl. with an additional experience is the choice of roommates.

  • Your Best Friend Will be Your Roomie
  • Share & Care at Settl.
  • Freedom to Privacy
  • Live at Settl. Coliving Space in Bangalore

Why Coliving is Affordable? – Why Settl. Coliving is Affordable

Your Best Friend Will be Your Roomie

 At Settl. you will find trustworthy people and who are more than just friends. Though in the beginning staying with a roommate might give you jittery feelings about the stranger. But soon you will find yourself enjoying the company of your roommate that you found according to the preferences you provided.  Settl. will help you find the closest match, that you want to have as your roommate. This might be an imaginary promise, but we will assure that you will have your next new best friend as your roomie itself.

Rekindle Your Sibling Love with Settl.

Share & Care at Settl. 

For a fun journey of coliving experience, it takes both the partners to share responsibilities, At Settl. you will find roommates that are compatible and easy to gel with. Because we choose roommates based on certain criteria there is always a sense of comfort for you to rely on. 

With characteristics like this, you will find it easy to communicate, share your expenses, and be less worried because Settl. coliving space deals with the rest.

Serviced Apartments & Coliving Apartments in Bangalore

Freedom to Privacy

Coliving is made easy for most of the things at Settl. But also promising that your privacy can never be sabotaged even when you have a comfortable roommate. Though you might enjoy each other’s company as roommates, you can always have your own boundaries and enjoy your alone time. Because at Settl. we value your personal space and allow you and your roommate to utilize that space to the fullest of its potential.

Live at Settl. Coliving Space in Bangalore

Staying at Settl. is finding a place like home, and your roommates like new family members. At Settl. you do not have to worry about sharing deep work responsibilities like cleaning, dusting, cooking, or create a timetable that allows work for each member under one roof. Don’t worry about having to do any of the above, and just move into Settl.

Comparisons Benefits of Settl Coliving Space in Bangalore
Settl Coliving Space in Bangalore

Our homes offer fully furnished, private bedrooms with beautiful shared spaces, and a community that you won’t find elsewhere. 

Written by Magaret Preethi Yesudass

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