Top 7 Reasons Why Coliving is Affordable in Bangalore

January 13, 2021
Top 7 Reasons Why Coliving is Affordable in Bangalore
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The millennial generation is not much afraid when it comes to leaving their comfortable homes and shifting to a strange and new city for higher studies or for a lucrative career. However, moving to a city like Bangalore on your own comes with plenty of challenges, the biggest being affordability of that place.

Whenever somebody plans to move to a new city search for an affordable place for living, a good and hygienic place, commute comfort, and a few more things that will come along with it. Looking individually requires lots of research without any guarantee we find an ideal place that suits your budget.

Well, leave all your tension, we Settl. coliving space! coliving shared spaces offered by Settl. is a perfect solution to your troubles. You might be asking how and why Coliving at Settl. is Affordable. Let me go further and explain to you in detail about the Coliving concept and the benefits you reap.

Concept of coliving

In a simple term, coliving is one of the modern types of housing that gives you a home-like feel. It is like living under one roof with many like-minded people sharing your interests, ideas, and values. Coliving now has changed the scenario of shared living choices for those looking for a perfect home. This type of living suits the millennial generation who believe in collaboration and understanding, shared expenses, and social networking.

Why Settl. coliving?

When you are moving to Bangalore and looking for PG’s or houses for rent can be one big task. When you have finalized the stay, then comes to worry about house cleaning, facilities at home, bills like power and water, internet, and more. Looking for everything will give you lots of headaches and raises your expenses. Alternatively, Settl. coliving spaces will take complete care of your needs & fulfill your expectations.

Settl. coliving space offers you with all types of comfort and amenities that you have in your mind before you move to a city. Some of the amenities include free WiFi, house cleaning service, Fridge, TV, parking space, and tasteful furniture are some things that Settl. coliving spaces offer to their tenants. Not just that, affordability, dedicated housekeeping, work, and play space are all available at Settl. coliving spaces and making it feel like home. Overall, Settl. coliving spaces offer everything you want to lead a comfortable and peaceful life in a city like Bangalore.

Let us discuss some points on Why Settl. coliving is So Affordable:

Rent cost

When you look for homes on rent, rates will be much higher. With that renting a house comes with a burden of offering a vast sum as the deposit. Settl. coliving options solve this problem by offering you a comfortable and great space to stay at an affordable price range. Furthermore, the deposit charged by the coliving spaces will be for one or two months that also is refundable and it includes all other expenses like housekeeping, power, water, gas, and other various expenses. So, you can see Settl coliving is more affordable than PG’s and house on rent options.

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When moving to a city like Bangalore, it is not just the house, which is one major expense for you. For many people, basic amenities like washing machine, TV, microwave, fridge, furniture, internet, etc. are equally important to lead a comfortable life. Purchasing all these stuff or renting can hurt your pockets much more than you may ever imagine. There’s also a worry to transport such things when shifting!

Alternatively, Settl. coliving spaces offer you with many different amenities, either shared or personal, at an affordable price. Our coliving rooms come fully furnished, it includes a TV, fridge, internet, housekeeping, and everything you require for a comfortable and peaceful life. 

Lower deposits

One biggest benefit that Settl. coliving space offers to their occupants is freedom from paying large deposits to their landlord. In many areas of Bangalore, tenants have to give 11 months of their security deposit to landlords that drain a bit for the professionals and students who are in the early stages of their careers. Alternatively, Settl. coliving provides lenient terms which is one big boon to our occupants. The long security deposit works as a deterrent for professionals who have just shifted to the new city for completing a particular project and want living accommodation for some months. Settl. coliving solved their problem by offering affordability and comfortability.

Get complete privacy

One best thing about our coliving space is maintaining a balance between social and privacy. Suppose you want to relax and unwind in your room, you can. And if you wish to get more social, you get a chance to hang out in a shared room.

Includes all basic facilities

Settl. coliving space comes with almost all facilities compared to PG and hostels accommodation. Both are generally associated with the bare shell accommodation while millennials are quite aspirational and look for many different facilities which coliving space provides like Settl. willing to offer. At Settl. coliving space, you will have some dedicated areas to watch a movie, play video games, and even for work from home professionals, we have got a dedicated area for them to work. The atmosphere at Settl. coliving is more alive compared to traditional rent a house or PG accommodation. There’s laundry, internet facilities, power, and other expenses provided.

Get more freedom

Settl. coliving provides more freedom to our occupants than other living options out there. The occupants have the freedom to come at any time and leave whenever they want to and they can enjoy delicious food at their room, as we are associated with top food chains like Zomato and Swiggy. There are no restrictions and you get complete freedom. We enjoy your meals at irregular hours. Coliving circumvents the problem of the landlords who are not keen to give their rooms to tenants who are of different religions.

Many add-ons

There’re many add-ons that Settl. coliving provides to our occupants that are generally very beneficial to them. There are many events that are organized by us where occupants will get a chance we show their talents, skills, and sharpen their leadership qualities.

In the End

Whereas the coliving concept is not totally new, with rocketing housing prices, booming urbanization, increasing social disconnects, and shrinking living spaces, the rental living future will be community building oriented, flexible, and affordable through our shared spaces.

Settl. offers coliving spaces to working professionals and students with a community experience that is unimaginable.

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