Coliving Bangalore Serviced Apartments

Serviced Apartments & Coliving Apartments in Bangalore

September 27, 2020
Serviced Apartments and Coliving Apartments in Bangalore

Let’s find out the benefits and disadvantages of Serviced Apartments & Coliving Apartments in Bangalore. In a world with so much jargon, with wordplay scenes jostled all around, we just don’t want you to be fallen according to the whims and fancies of large groups. With so much news, that is partially true, and promise-breaking advertisements layered all across the town might only leave you disturbed and confused. Leave all your worry when you have landed at Settl. we will take all the time and help you choose the kind of apartment that’s best for you. 

At Settl. we will help you choose what is more authentic and help you not fail by misleading advertisements. If you are new to understanding the difference between serviced apartments and Coliving apartments in Bangalore, we’ve got you! Here is a quick read, which will help you understand the difference between serviced apartments and the world of coliving apartments at Settl.

What Are Serviced Apartments in Bangalore?

Serviced apartments in Bangalore, are more than hostels and paying guest accommodation. In comparison to serviced apartments, hotels are very old functioned and would sound very yesterday for young millennia in Bangalore. 

Serviced apartments in Bangalore are nothing but, they too are fully equipped like the coliving spaces. With fully-furnished amenities of all standards, and all facilities provided. But choosing to stay in such serviced apartments may best suite family or if you are not a socially driven person you can choose live at serviced apartments just by yourself. 

Therefore serviced apartments do not encourage to live with members outside the family, or have more than one person who is not related according to the social norms of the society. Instead, it is just for families and individuals who are working professionals. Serviced apartments in Bangalore are good alternatives for rental based experiences especially if you do not want to deal with landlords and agreement related issues. 


  1. Fully furnished apartments: One of the major highlights of serviced apartments is they are fully furnished and provide all kinds of amenities that are of high standards. Some of the amenities are a fully furnished kitchen, bathrooms, and even a washing machine. 
  2. Serviced apartments in Bangalore are fully furnished with top-notch amenities, and these amenities can be only enjoyed by yourself.
  3. Space & Privacy: Serviced apartments have the best highlight by allowing you to have your own space that itself is one big major comfort. Adding to it, they provide you utmost privacy, and not just keeping you stuck amidst the four walls of your bedroom.
  4. Location & Infrastructure: Serviced apartments are a big good to go properties because of the location that they are built on. Such serviced apartments are nestled amidst the beautiful places in town. Some other apartments are formulated and built on the outskirts of Bangalore. Such a location allow serviced apartments to have good parks, incredible swimming pools, and a large view of nature that brings the great feast to our eyes. 

Another reason serviced apartments are good to go, because of their fancy, & stylistic interiors. They install interiors that are artistic and aesthetic to the apartment itself. Most of their interior design are theme-based either by color or idea-driven infrastructures. 


  1. Very Pricey: Serviced apartments are way too expensive and not very affordable by working-class people who are middle-class working professionals. Be it a long term stay or a short term stay, serviced apartments are very pricey. Since you end up using all the amenities for yourself, its billing range might not be moderate but sky-high prices.
  2. Locations that don’t suit your needs: Avoid getting into apartments that do not suit your needs. Since most of the serviced apartments are situated a little outside the happening areas of town, this might fetch you very little. Staying in serviced apartments that are outside the town, and when your office, and for grocery shopping is on the other end, you cannot have yourself traveling across a large distance on a daily basis.
  3. Do not keep their words: This might depend on the choice of the apartment you have chosen to stay. Some apartments do not offer the things that they first promised they would offer you. In such cases, be very attentive on reading the agreement, following reviews, and re-check multiple times if it is worth your money. 

What Are Coliving Apartments in Bangalore?

Coliving Apartments in Bangalore are slightly different form serviced apartments. Coliving provides all of the amenities just like serviced apartments offer. But Coliving is much more socially generated as you have like-minded people to live with. The members of Coliving spaces share one roof, and still have private rooms for themselves. Just the common areas, such as the living room, the kitchen, and the lobby are shared by everyone who shares one roof. This is the only major outstanding difference between serviced apartments and Coliving apartments. 

Benefits of Coliving Apartments: 

  1. Less Pricey: Coliving apartments are less pricey and very affordable by single students and working professionals. With the same amenities serviced apartments offer, you can choose to live in a Coliving apartment for the best amenities that are of a cheaper price.
  2. Situated amidst the hubs in Bangalore: With Bangalore being the happening place compared to all the other states, it is best if you stay at locations that will help you make your day and schedule easy. Staying in Coliving spaces amidst happening areas will help you get to the office easier. Also completing all your daily chores with ease.
  3. Social Interconnectedness: Staying at Coliving spaces in Bangalore will allow you to experience the best by living among young people. To top it off, staging with Settl. will allow you to have the time of your life, because at Settl. you have like-minded people. 

Your social life is in good hands when you choose to stay with Settl. 

Settl Coliving Apartments in bangalore
Settl Coliving Apartments in bangalore

At Settl. Coliving spaces you are free to have your late-night chat, jamming on the favorite movie songs, and sharing your last bite of pizza with your roommate. Such experiences cannot be brought at serviced apartments, especially for the price they charge you. This is one of the major highlights compared to service apartments, they offer the best social circles and equally provide you your own private space. 

Wherever your next destination is, make your choices right with the help of Settl. Be it a short-term or a long-term stay, you will find the best choices at Settl. Coliving spaces in Bangalore. So what are you waiting for? Stay in the best roof, by checking out on the best Coliving spaces in Bangalore

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